Friday, May 05, 2006

oh mr postman....

it has been a really great week for mail!
this is the stuff i have received in the past two days...

this phildar catalogue
i have been wanting forever and could never win the bid on e-bay--but this time i did!!! it's not the exact book i wanted, but when is saw these jackets on the blue blog i needed to find the pattern. my nephew loves giraffes and i want to make something for him.

there is a jacket that is so cute:
so i'm stoked and his birthday is next week. (for those thinking i am crazy and i'd never get a jacket finished in a week, i won't actually be seeing him for a couple of weeks, does that still make me crazy?)

i got the harlot's first book! when people say it's laugh out loud funny, they are right. i can't help reading some of the meditations to my husband, but i don't think he gets it. kinda like knitting.

...and gift #3--my first addi's!!! wohoo! i haven't even swatched anything and i already know why people love these...