Monday, May 15, 2006

I think I need these.

aren't these the cutest shoes ever?
now, some of you are thinking.."um, yeah they're crocs" and some of you are thinking
"why on earth would you want to have orange shoes".
well ...
1. I love orange.
2. I just heard of crocs the other day... read the website inside out and backwards and believe that I will love them.
3. I have a Christmas present coming to me and I have birthday money
4. did I mention I love orange.
yeah, i mean i love orange. i once wore orange for 42 days in a row in college. that's with no repeats. 42 different shirts/sweaters/pants/whatever orange items of clothing---for 42 days straight. it was fun. people i didn't even know from campus were "donating" clothing to the cause..

sigh, college was fun.

but now:
I'm a little behind the times.
just today, in telling two friends they said "yeah, they're and so has them".
I'm a dork.
I guess with two kids, one of which has been sick for 3 weeks, I'm not up on anything remotely cool.
they have them downtown in my little small town at stedmans for $23 Canadian, that's less than what crocs sells them for!! and they have all the colours!!
I was in colour overload and since the baby was fussy (still, again) I couldn't I left.

but I will go back, oh yes, I will go back.

I was thinking of getting some clear clogs, or some clear boots to show off my socks..but I can't find any clear boots in adults sizes, and I'm hearing that the clear clogs can get filled with condensation....yucky.

any of you have these shoes??? love them? hate them??


Anonymous said...

Hi, Love the shoes! I've been looking for clear clogs, but can't find them anywhere!

I couldn't find your email address anywhere so to answer your question from my blog... the ladybug sweater is Dale Of Norway. It comes in a single pattern #1005 or can be found in one of the older books (Maybe 89) and just re-released in one of the newest books.

Good luck! Happy Knitting,


Jofrog is Knitfrog