Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Christmas Knitting

I kept my Christmas knitting very conservative this year due to crazy job and crazy church stuff.
I knit this
for someone, can't say who. It was made with 100% Alpaca wool from this place
I have never knit with Alpaca before and it was just heaven. I just loved every stich, plus I liked the lace pattern.
I have done lace elements before, but never a full lace project. This is a really nice pattern that I hope to knit again.

I bought 2 skeins of a mohair blend yarn and am doing an 8 row repeat lace moibus/mobius and am teaching myself to knit continental. My wrist hurts from the effort but it is worth it to learn a new skill. I am not finding it faster as I cannot knit without looking at the stitches, but perhaps with practice it might improve my speed.

Giraffe was home sick today (out yesterday with a snow day) so into the tub he went and I blocked my scarf. I ironed it with a damp towel but as I didn't get the shape I wanted I have it blocked with T-pins and will see how it looks in the morning.

Off to bath the kid (yes bath and not bathe, it's a Canadian thing, at least in my house) and have a bite to eat. Tonight will be for wrapping as Giraffe will be in bed and hubbo at work.