Monday, December 31, 2007

blogging from afar

I am in Quebec right now--sitting in my FIL's Chalet, watching Law and Order while little man sleeps.

Princess B and hubby have gone skiing and I am enjoying some quiet with the sattelite.

(Channel over load--oh wait

Danger Bay is on...I loved that show as a kid... Canadians? are ya with me?)

So, I finished the baby hat and it's so cute!

I think the surprise element has been lost since the baby's Mom reads this blog--but if your name starts with J and you are my friend and you want to be surprised...stop reading.

Simple Bonnet by lemonfresh. (I found the pattern on Ravelry and she graciously shared it with me.)

The picot edge is my favourite.

Cute little yarn leftovers.

So all my Christmas knitting is done and I am making some mittens for little man.
When we get back tomorrow night I might selfishly spend the whole night spinning since the Lendrum has to go back to the guild on Wed.

I sold my handspun bamboo that was in the shop. Actually when we got back from Christmas I had a pleasant surprise in a big order that included 2 of my handspuns (the first sales of handspun!) and some yarns.
I was feeling discouraged and wondering what the fate of my Etsy shop was. I was thinking there was no point in dyeing if the stuff I was dyeing wasn't selling--but I have some new ideas for colourways and want to get the dyepots going.

So, that's my Christmas knitting finale.

Since it is New Years Eve, I have been thinking of knitting goals for 2008.

a) I NEED to finish Ribby Cardi. It has been hibernating since the Spring and needs finishing.
b) I have another sweaters worth of yarn (some FREE Cascade 220 that I got from the Good Yarn Karma blog).
c) a tank for the summer that I swatched for but didn't start.

a) I have some laceweight that was won from a blog--and I need to find a good pattern and just get to it.
b) I also have some hand-dyed lace to knit up.

a) Learning to spin for a specific project (ie; worsted/woolen, spinning for a specific WPI)
b) Spinning for a big project--likely a sweater. There are some tutorials on Knittyspin that outline steps for spinning for a sweater and since I have about 5 pounds of Superwash Merino roving that I can dyed any colour I want--what is stopping me???

I'm also going to just be using stash yarn. From the list above, I certainly have enought to get me through an entire year's worth of personal projects.
The only yarn I would buy this year would be for gifts that I can't handspin.
I have one test knit project to do this January that I will be buying yarn for--but that will be a gift for later this it doesn't count...

What are your knitting/spinning/crafty goals for this year???