Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where Have I Been?

It has been forever since I have last posted. Where have I been? I have been all over the place (mentally) but I have essentially been chained to my desk at work with training days and meetings and databases crashing, and metaphorically chained to the church with retirement weekends, pagents and budget stuff. Add to that a wicked flu, Christmas preparations, and I have been everywhere but here.
So just a few lines to get caught up.
We got a tree...

We had a little friend with us (who I will not name or show except here for privacy reasons- can you see the snowsuit?) The kids had so much fun running around, throwing snowballs and generally being stinkin' cute...

We had hot chocolate, enjoyed singing chickens, saw animals in the Nativity Scene and generally had a wonderful day.
After cutting the tree and heading home, the little ones crashed and watch Rudolf and Happy the Baby New Year (my personal fav).

My (non-wicked) step-mother requested a family pic in front of a door (not sure what the theme is there) so we posed and smiled...

With the beautiful but deadly ( I am so allergic) real tree in the front room, Giraffe wanted he his very own for his room. Not wanting to deal with mess, water etc of a little real tree, I snagged the top of my artificial tree from the basement and presented it to Girafee for his approval. With a few touches it was pronounced cool...

It did however needed the addition of "The Force":

The dog was unimpressed.

I must away to bed. I have a mohair moibus on the needles and hubbo just got home from working an evening shift.