Friday, December 14, 2007

Knitting progress

I am doing some Christmas knitting but not a whole lot.
I have some projects in the works, one finished and 2 not yet started (not to worry)

Since some recipients read this blog, I will only show you this:

and tell you all the tales about it's misadventures after it has been delivered.

I am trying to get better pictures of my yarn and so I made a ghetto lightbox following this tutorial.

I cannot seem to get a decent picture of my Brown Eyed Girl finished (ie: twist finally set) sock yarn in the box however.

It's so much prettier in person.

So, that is my update, I hope to show projects as they occur except for ones who read this blog.
(Does anyone read this blog anymore?? I had a shock yesterday when I checked my stats and found out that my readership had gone down by 7 people yesterday. Sob.
Maybe it's the lack of posting, the lack of progress and the lack of pretty pictures)

Wanna see a pretty picture???

While I was cutting up some apples today, Little man must have found the camera--because I just found twelve of these:

They aren't all like that, some are like this:

and that's all I have for today--little man is sleeping, Princess B is at school so I have about an hour to get some knitting done.