Friday, December 07, 2007

A FO another spinner and I'd better get in gear.

I can't believe I have never blogged this project.

It's a cashmere cowl that I made for my MIL's Birthday.
Her Birthday was actually the end of November so I was trying to get it done to mail but then found out she was coming this weekend and decided to take it slowly.
Rounds and rounds of stockinette can make your head want to fall off.

Pattern: Pashmina Cowl from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Baby Cashmere 2 balls in Pink
Needles: Knitpicks Circular in 3.25mm US 3
Modifications: I wanted to make it look a little lacy--so every 10th row I did a K1, y/over, K2together to make lacy holes.
I also didn't do the full length, nor the p1 row, k 10 rows at the end. It kept me to just at 2 balls total and I think it's long enough for her to pull up over her face if she wishes, or fold in half for double the warmth.

Fun project, easy knit.
Softest yarn ever! (I just want to rub it on my face all the time)
This yarn would make an excellent baby bonnet (which might be next on my list)

Another FO:

I have finally finished my Brown Eyed Girl Sock Hop Roving.
Silly me thought the Lendrum could handle 8 oz of plyed yarn.
It couldn't.
I ended up having to break the yarn and ply a second skein.
I had some left over and plyed that on itself a la Andean Plying bracelet, while at the Spinning Guild on Wednedsay.
I spent the whole guild meeting plying actually.

I plyed the baby skeins from our Spinning Day last Thursday and they are cute!

Last night was a Christmas Concert/Dinner/pageant that Princess B was involved in and hubby had to work. I had a sitter for Aidan and after putting kids to bed, sat down to teach her to spin.
She was super excited--her Mother is one of the spinners from last Thursdays fun-day--and the rovings may have come from sheep that live at her house!
It only lasted about 10 minutes as her Father came to pick her up.
But I promised her another time....

I need to get knitting and spinning for Christmas.
I only have a couple of projects that will be hand-knit--one I have the yarn spun for and the other I might just knit.
I think it's too late to dye, spin, ply and hand-knit the project I have in mind.

How are you all doing with the Christmas knitting??