Friday, December 21, 2007

to the finish line

First off: Princess B is fine.
She was just feeling sick at school and after some rest she was back to normal.
She had a little playdate today with her 'best friend" who is moving and today is the last time she will see her for a while.

We are all healthy (yeah!)

I still have some more to knit on BSJ--but not much.
We have a 3.5 hour car ride tomorrow and I think I'll get it almost finished then--some seaming and voila.

Done in Patons' Classic Merino "Wedgewood"

So Christmas knitting:
BSJ--70% at this moment--no worries.

I will be knitting while gone as well. I am going to knit a baby hat Saturday night to gift on Sunday.
I will be finished up previous baby hat that was a disaster.
I will be making some more Fetchings.

I will be knitting and drinking tea with my sister!! (and hanging out with the rest of my family--but she's the only one who ooohs and aaaahs over alpaca with me)

I had a small party and some more shopping and errands tonight--so hubby was home doing loads of laundry (yeah!).
We are 3/4 packed and just have to put things in the car.
I have 2 things to wrap tonight and then the rest of the stuff that you have to do before you leave--check lists of food to bring, lights in the house, dog stuff etc etc and then we are off!

I'll be back Thursday for some show and tell and then we are gone again.

Merry Christmas everyone--may it be a Blessed time!