Sunday, November 12, 2006

Socks, Sickness and Stockinette

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday. Well, Wednesday was a big day.
There has been much and not much going on around here.

I finished one Embossed Leaf Sock. And I love it!

All except for the cast on edge. It's waaaaaaayyyy too tight.
Has anyone else had this problem? It takes me literally 2 minutes to put my foot in.

This evening I am picking apart the ribbing so I can make it stretch.

I love this pattern, It actually wasn't too hard for me..Which is cool since it's my first lace.
I love the toe:

On to the sickness. Princess B has been sick since Friday. I was watching friends' kids for the day and when they left I convinced her to lay down to watch a movie. She woke up so hot that she was glowing red and basically spent the next 2 days on the couch like this:

Little man thought he'd join the party:

So, today since her fever was still 103F I took her to the Hospital. I thought I would feel better.
Upon getting to the exam room the Nurse says "The Dr wants you to strip her down and put cold cloths on her so she doesn't start having seizures".
Apparently her temperature was above 103 and they were concerned.
Okay, so we sat there for about 1/2 hour with her shivering and wanting to go home.
The Dr comes in, very nice, checks her out--does a throat swab--Comes back in and says:
"Well, I don't THINK it's meningitis"
they think she has a viral infection and strep throat but aren't sure.
Luckily her temperature went down while we were at the hospital and was a nice 97 before bed last night.

So, It's been a lot of movies and quiet times around our place. Not too much knitting either.
The hourglass sweater jumped into the frog pond, and now it's 5 big balls of orange fluffy.
I decided to gamble and go down one size and I knit the fold over hem closed as I went (a new thing for me!) so, I'm hoping it works.
This is the stockinette part--round and round and round of boring stockinette. At least It's mindless and I could watch a movie while doing it.

I'm hoping to get some knitting done tomorrow as hubby is home and I will sit with the sick one. Maybe we will nap together since she's woken me up about every 1/2 hour for three nights now with her breathing, her hallucinations or the heat of her little sick body. Poor baby.

Okay, one more sock picture:


allegra918 said...

Nice sock!! Sorry about all the crazy sickness!!

kimberly said...

Oh I hate it when the kids are sick!! I hope she's feeling better soon-for your sake too. I would have gone straight to the hospital too.
Those socks are gorgeous!!!! I love the colors and of course, the pattern is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's terrible!! I am so sorry for her, I hope she gets better soon. Sick kids always make me sad. My doctors always tell me to just "give her fluids and cough medicine". I get so mad because the hospital is an hour away, her temperature is 102, and she's gagging when she coughs!

Sorry, I rave a bit sometimes. lol Your sock looks awesome. What cast-on did you use? Try the Norwegian cast-on, that's what I use.

Ann-Marie said...

Norwegian cast-on? I just looked at a video of it and it freaked me out.
It's like putting on three stitches only to have one stitch in the end.
*Shudders* Looks too hard!

Amy said...

Hiya, your sock looks wonderful! Sorry to hear about how sick your little one was. It's a good thing we don't remember those times as adults, eh? Don't worry about your knitting for now - just cuddle up with your cuties!!! Look forward to seeing what you do with the hourglass :)

Michelle said...

Fabulous sock - this is possibly my favorite sock pattern of all time. I've only knit one pair (which I actually GAVE AWAY, can you believe it?!), but I have Koigu stashed for a pair for me. I started with the cuff as written and worried about it being too tight, so I ripped back and substituted a simple 2x2 rib. I think on my next pair I'll do a 1x1 rib on smaller needles so it's a little snugger but not too snug.

Nice job! :)