Thursday, November 30, 2006

What have I been up to?

Trying to finish the Hourglass for NaNoSweMo, dyeing and dreaming of sock yarn.

So, this is what I did today:

and here's where we're at now:

Pssst. What you can't tell is that I haven't started the second sleeve yet. But since I was less than a third done the body Monday nigiht when I picked it up, s that's pretty good.

To give my wrists a break, I was dyeing the other day.
Here it the yarn all warped up:

It seriously took me 1.5 hours to get the yarn on the warp board. Crazy.
Here it is steaming:

It's pink, black and purple. But it looks really junky all done.
Since the directions for acid dyes talk about putting the powder "in a pot" and throwing all the yarn in, it doesn't really help if you're trying to make stock and use squirt bottles or paintbrushes. I really have no idea what I am doing.

Help anyone?

How do you mix the dyes into a stock??
I've googled it, I've had a flickrmail response from someone who has tried, but it's still not workin' for me. Parts of the yarn are dark w/ colour, parts are not.
ALso, how do you control the bleeding of the colour??

Back to the sleeve, I will hopefully have a finished sweater to show tomorrow.


Kit Is Knitting said...

In the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, they suggest a turkey baster to insert color into wool. I would suggest playing around with it a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't help! But it will probably look much better after it's totally dry. I've found that happens a lot when I dye.