Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Yarning to me

Sooo....the Rosehaven Farm Store has moved into a new location in town.
Which is now right across from an awesome coffee place and close enough for me to walk!
I have been wondering when the store would open and now it's here!

She opened today at 11am and hubby said at 11:10--"you'd better get going, she's been open for 10 minutes already"
Yeah!! Yarning!
Here's me playing with silk:

So, I was really good and only bought 2 things--Some Koigu (she has a wall of Koigu) and some Eucelan.

This is destined to be Pomotomus' (Pomotomi?)

I accidentally shrunk a wool-ish sweater this week, so I'm thinking it's time to start treating my sweaters properly. I've only knit 2 sweaters none of them are wool, but since I am making the Hourglass Sweater this month and I want to learn Fair Isle, it's time...

I was in yarn overload. I think I am going to go back and get some Cashmere something for my MIL for a Christmas cowl or something.

She's got everything...yarns I have only ever read about online and have never seen before.
Malabrigo, Manos, Araucania, Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Collinette, Sublime, Fleece Artist (REALLY cool felted bag kits).
she has some cool needles coming later... some Swing Needles from River John

She wants to have a little sitting area for reading magazines (and quiet knitting). She also has a whole area downstairs for workshops.

It's cool that every once in a while I run across something that I know. I think Lime and Violet mentioned Studioloo once, and I actually met Cindy Cole the first time I went to Rosehaven.
she was teaching a spinning class and invited me in to see the art yarns they were making.
She won't sell any spinning wheels as there is another local seller that does, but she will still have workshops.
Sigh--I love yarn.

I took some money earned recently and "invested" in buying some Kona Superwash for dyeing. I am contemplating buying more dye so I can see if I can actually make some more cool dyed yarn!


Amy said...

Yay! I can't wait to go... maybe today... maybe tomorrow. Can't wait to get my hands on that Koigu.

Anonymous said...

I love my LYS, but I wish she had a larger selection.

All that yarn looks so scrumptious!