Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Socktoberfest reflections

It's been a great month full of socks!! (What could be better).
(Blogger ate my first post, so bear with me if this is rambly, it made sense before)

Here's a picture I took for The Giving Flowers blog contest:
It's a picture of the the socks I've made for me and received in the past year.

Let's review the month:
Completed socks: 1
Socks on the needles: 3
Pretty good.
I learned about writing up designs and how to do a turkish cast on (I love it!)
I learned to cable w/out a cable needle and how to knit lace socks.

This is the Embossed Leaves sock as of last night:

2 nights on it and it's farther along than I ever got on Pomotomus.

Here are the socks in progress right now:

And in the spirit of Halloween:
Orange hair!!!

And some shoes! I was talking with a friend on Sunday and mentioned that I need some new black shoes. She said she had some and said something about "Mary Janes". WHAT?
I have been googling Mary Janes for about 3 weeks to find shoes to show off my socks!

Aren't they cute! I love them!

Moving on to some gratuitous kid pictures:

Little Man looks a little dopey, but it was the only time he was still all night--all the other picture are blurry)

We went to a church Drop in Centre Party--and it was pretty fun. Friends of ours invited us and if we all weren't there there would have been more staff than kids!
They did pumpkin carving, pinatas, free food, desserts and a full bag of candy for each kid!

Little Candy-Corn actually kept his costume on the whole night and "Queen B" had fun in her outfit.
We went to St Arbucks afterwards for grown up trick or treats and then to the mall. Our mall gives out candy all day long! By the time we got there most places were done but she got a few handfuls. We have a new Ben & Jerry's and they gave a plastic glove full of Gummy-Bears.

Anyways, Socktoberfest has been fun, I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures in the Flickr gallery, I've learned some new things and reviewed my love of socks.
I never had handknit socks until a couple of years ago, but I always loved ugly socks. Not sure why but mustard yellow, bright orange, purple, striped whatever--loved them.
I had to stop when I became "grown up" at work. I remember being at a clients house once, and took off my shoes and had bright purple striped socks--not easy to be the Professional when you have dorky socks on.

My plan for November is to begin the Christmas knitting with some socks still thrown in there.
I need to finish the Hourglass Sweater also.
So...since I'm a joiner, I just joined:

Hosted by: Knitgrrl

And look what hubby made me:

My very own warping board. Now I can pretend I'm Scout and try to make yummy yarn.
Seriously, have you SEEN her yarn? Gorgeous stuff!

Any more knitting things I can get him to make while he's still interested?
Can you make a spinning wheel?


kimberly said...

If you find out how to make a wheel, please let me know. ;) I love the candy corn!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you could, but he'd have to know how to carve wood pretty well I'd imagine. Or warp it so that it bends. My dad did that once...anyways, I love the Mary Janes! And I'm intrigued by the NaNoSweMo