Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I can see clearly, now the smudge is gone....

*Must sing that line*

Yep, eye is better.
Not 100% but better and it doesn't hurt anymore.
who'd-a-thunk-it? That an eye could hurt like that?
It's also hard to recover an injured eye, w/out sleeping. Chasing little people around, making forts, pulling babies off of tables and finding lost leggo does not fix an eye.
SO, after dinner last night (I actually made roast with potatoes and carrots--surprisingly easy--just throw it all in and turn on)--I tried to listen to some TV. Bad choice. Little man jumped on my rib cage and yelled "Giddy-up!".
So, I went upstairs to listen to some podcasts and fell asleep at about 7:30pm!
apparently I was tired.

Anyways, the monkey that started it all:

He's a cutie-- but a monkey none the less.

There have been more packages arrive at the house. I feel weird taking pictures of mail, but how else to show off the sock yarn I have been stockpiling

first a knitpicks order-which contained the dye I ordered and some knit picks needles. I have only knit on them for about an hour-and I LOVE them. Almost as good as Addi's.

The Redwood forest sock yarn doesn't yield a good picture, but it's gorgeous.
The Pink stuff is some free yarn I got off a blog. Someone decided she didn't like pink and Princess B was actually at the computer saying "OOOH pink yarn"--the lady was giving it away, and now it's in my house. Princess B saw it yesterday and said "Can you make me a dress". Um, no but how about some socks?

Some Cherry Tree Hill that I got for DIRT cheap on e-bay.

knitting Without Tears book from Destash

I think that's it for mail call.

At one point I actually said "I have no idea what's in this package" when the mail kept showing up.
But, since I sold a bunch of stuff on e-bay, this is not money that is taking away from, y'know feeding the kids, paying the hydro bill.

This stuff I'm really excited about:

There was a LYS owner who died suddenly in March. I had only bought 1 skein of her hand-dyed which I used for Sockapalooza here:

Her friends got together and re-opened her store, calling it a "collective".

They space they have is amazing, they have all of what's left of her handpainted stuff (sock yarn and mohair). They've invested in some new stuff (Noro, Euroflax LInen and others) and are really trying to make a go of it. Amy told me about where to find it, and when I was Christmas shopping on Monday I popped in at the end of the day.

Need to say: I LOVE MY HUBBY!

Monday, I slept in (as I had been up until 3am knitting on Christmas gifts).

I woke up to a clean kitchen, toys picked up, dishes done, stove scrubbed (?). He took the kids to get the mail, went to the Library and stumbled upon a playgroup so he stayed. He took them to a play group!!
Came home with lunch and then said "No problem" when I said I wanted/needed to go Christmas shopping to catch some sales and be done with our lists.

I need to publicly blog my appreciation.

And, with that, and as I can hear that the little monkey might actually be sleeping, I will go and test the eye with some knitting.