Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Frogs and Blobs

That's what's been going on here.
I haven't posted because all my knitting looks the same.

I had to frog some of the R2D2 hat because I made a mistake. Apparently I was only following 2 charts instead of 3 and, whoops. I was going to just keep going, but it looked weird so I frogged it.
So now I have this:

Which looks exactly the same as last time. Truth be told, I haven't worked on it since Thursday night.
That's for the frogs.
Now for the blobs:

this is the hourglass. Hm...kinda looks like this:

Yep, it's at the same spot I was before I frogged it. Which is good, but not if I'm going to finish for NaNoSweMo.

So, in other news, I found this at Walmart:

Ecofill yarn, part cotton, part acrylic. It feels really stringy but they've got great colours.
I picked up the free sweater pattern just to see it.
The weird thing is, according to the pattern, you only need 2 balls of yarn to make the sweater.
So, you can make a cotton sweater for less than $7 ?? Something is weird about that to me.
It would be a nice project for a first sweater. The stitch they used, they are calling a "fantasy stitch".

In the things arriving at our house department, look what we got:

2 love seats, an oversized chair, a side table and a coffee table.
All. For. Free.
There's a thing called Freecycle, that we belong to, and someone was offering them up.
They originally were offering just the loveseats, but were getting new furniture and wanted all of it gone.
It's really pretty, stylish and goes with our old Victorian. Truth be told, it's the nicest set of furniture in our entire house.

That's it for me.
Really. boring. post.

Haven't really been doing much. Cleaning the house, entertaining my MIL for the weekend, boring myself silly w/ this Hourglass knitting.
I actually fell asleep sitting up Sunday night with the row after row of stockinette.

I think I will do some sock dyeing tonight to entertain myself.

Oh, and I have bought some more sock yarn. Must. stop.
I have enough for the rest of my life. But, it was fun money from e-bay sales, so I'm not feeling too guilty.
I got some Socks that Rock, Fleece Artist and some Lime and Violet Etsy sock yarn

That's all...and for now.
the laundry, it calls to me....

Duh: I totally forgot about the best part of the weekend.
Went out for coffee on Saturday morning with a friend who is knitting her first sock. She said she needed help w/ the heel--but she's really doing it all on her own.
She jumped in with both feet and decided to make "2 at a time toe-ups on 1 long circular" (just googol that, you'll get the pattern).
Yep, she's given herself a challenge, and she's done it all on her own.
Anyways, after some good coffee, good conversation and some sock knitting we went to find her daughter at the library and stumbled across a Knitting Group meeting in the kids section of the Library. It was a group of older women, but still fun.
Anyways, that could be a refuge if I needed to go and stitch with someone some-day.
Hubby and I also had a "no knit night".
We haven't done anything together in months. The last time we went to a movie was 18months ago and we haven't gone for dinner in a year...Sad.
anyways, I promised not to knit, we got some good burgers and a movie.
the Sentinel" I like Kiefer Sutherland (LOVE 24) and it was pretty good.
The ending was a bit of a let-down. It felt like it was just getting started and then it was over.
If you get the DVD, watch the deleted scenes, there's a REALLY cheesy scene with Kim Basinger's character telling a story about her childhood that was so lame I actually laughed outloud.

So, that was really my weekend. Knitting, coffee, knit group, good burger, movie and time with hubby.


m. said...

Ann-Marie, I'm convinced that we are kindred spirits. I just finished a different R2 Hat for my brother-in-law. AND my husband doesn't count time spent knitting as quality time. :)