Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I now present...

The Harlot:

Not a bad picture, and LOOK:
I'm holding the sock! And she's holding my sock.
And she's wearing
And she complimented me on my first lace--and my Knitting Olympics Sweater.
And she said I was cool.
And she said that we should have coffee and go to a yarn store, the next time she's in town.
Okay, so she probably says that to everyone, but she still said I was cool--and I got to hold the sock.
She recognized my yarn as being from Spirit Trail right off. Wow, that woman knows her sock yarn.

So a review:
At first there were not a lot of people there and I was worried that she would think that knitters in Kingston didn't love her. The space did fill up and it was a nice crowd.
During quiet moments you could hear the faint "click click" of needles.
She. Is. SO. Funny.
Everybody says it, but it's true. She had us in stitches. (Ha ha pun)
I almost couldn't' knit because I was so enthralled with her speaking and I was so excited that my hands were shaking.
I did knit some and have about 8 rows left to finish the first Embossed Leaf Sock.

Amy was there with her Mom and friend.
Amy was knitting.

Amy met the Harlot.

The Harlot took Amy's picture with her camera--watch for Amy on the blog tomorrow.
(Oh and the sweater? It's Amy's first sweater! Isn't it gorgeous??!!)

I bought the
one book of hers that I didn't own, and had it signed:

Wore my first hand-knit socks.
Drank way too much Starbucks.
Listened to Lime and Violet on the way home.

It was a good night!

(More pictures tomorrow as Blogger just had a fit and won't let me post anymore).

Stephanie, despite what you think and what you tell us--You ARE cool!

I would have coffee and go Yarning with you any day!


keohinani said...

sooooo jealous! you saw the Harlot wearing the Shawl, AND she said you are cool?! dude, you seriously are Cool. damn.
and i love that sweater. what pattern is that!? ah, nm. found it! on my list of things to do...whoa. :)

sue said...

Oh lucky you to meet Stephanie. I wonder if she will ever visit Australia. It sounds as though you had a really wonderful time, and I will make sure to come back and visit your blog. I have added your name to my list for the contest too.

Deb said...

HI - just thought I would drop in (I love Kingston area knitters)

kimberly said...

Cool!! Do you still talk to us little people? ;)

Anonymous said...

How come nobody visits us? There are so many people who were just visiting back home (where I used to live, before wedded bliss).

I'm super jealous!!