Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stuff stuff stuff

First of all it's 10:46 am and both kids are sleeping. Has this EVER happened to me before??Nope!
Princess B is sleeping in as she's still sick and Little Man has gone down for his morning nap.

Thanks for all your thoughts and get well wishes.
I had her back at the hospital Monday night as despite the cold water baths and Tyelnol/Motrin combo every 4 hours her temp still jumped back up to 103.
The 2nd DR we saw just bit the bullet and prescribed Penicillin for strep, even though we don't have the results back yet
(My sister works in a Pediatricians office and was surprised we don't have a 6 minute test..yeah apparently here it's like a 48 her test...But we've been waiting since Sunday with no results).
So, she's sick of taking medication and she keeps getting all hot and sick in the night still.


I totally forgot to post about how bad I was in buying yarn lately.
Elann, Knit-picks, Lisa Souza.
First of all, most of it is for Christmas presents. (I didn't' even buy any Lisa Souza yarn for me...what was I thinking?)
I did take some money earned and "invested" in buying more dyes and bare yarns for handpainting sock yarn.

For Christmas:
I bought some yarn from
Elann to make Caroline's R2D2 hat for my nephew.
I bought some cashmere to make a cowl for my MIL.
I will be making another
Charlie's Cap for my other nephew.
I will make at least 1
booga bag and might design another purse for some women on my list.

That's not too much.
Oh, and a pink kitty-eared hat for Princess B and maybe something for Little man.
But, none of the yarn has arrived yet, so I'm still working on the hourglass.

And yarn for me:
I finally ordered yarn to make the Ribbi Cardi, that I have been wanting to make for a year.
Lolly of
The Giving Flower gave me the push I needed.
She started one of her own and "enabled" me start one too.
I originally wanted these colours:
Coffee Bean Celadon

but since they didn't have any, and I haven't received ANY e-mail updates that they've ordered more, I went with these colours:
Nutmeg Heather Celery

I think it's going to be purdy....

I will save that knitting until Christmas though.

But for now...I'm off to do some quiet knitting.....quiet......

Edited to add: OH MY WORD, PippiKneeSocks just left a comment on the blog.
That Pippi. The one who makes gorgeous hand-spun.
Hi Pippi!


PippiKneeSocks said...

Enjoy your quiet!!
I know how rare those moments are.
Sending some "heal up" vibes too!!