Friday, November 17, 2006

More sunshine

Well, not real sunshine, that would be silly.

More mail call--wohoo!

Lookie at what came to my house!

Yeah--I can finally do some dyeing with my warp board.

Silly Canadian customs people. They charged me $10, for the priviledge of having yarn brought into this country.... They didn't open the package and apparently didn't really read the label either.


ha ha ha.

Okay, so I did some more spinning last night, and it was so fun.

I did a bit better, but i think i have too much twist. The spindle barely spins before it's trying to reverse itself. I can't even pinch and draft because it's going too fast.

but it looks pretty cool, i think considering i have no idea what I'm doing.

My first attempt apparently wanted to go back to roving because all the twist came out.

i spun it again and it's not too bad either.

I think I'd like to call up the local guild and see if i could go once to get a lesson.

That would be fun!!

Either that or invite one of you nice readers to come to the great white north to teach me!

The home of Mission Falls Yarn is about 20 minutes from here..Not that I know where Mags lives, but still. Any takers?

Oh, and this is for the Giving Flower:

The colours aren't exactly true, but it's pretty close. This is for the Ribbi Cardi that we both are doing.....


kimberly said...

Yeah!! Your yarn!! Thanks for the pic, now I really believe you. ;)
I wish I could join you in a spinning lesson-you definitely should do it-how fun!