Monday, May 12, 2008

Whirwind weekend

What a weekend!

My birthday was Friday and I got: to sleep in , have breakfast brought to me (I requested an Egg McMuffin and Coffee) and got to have a lazy day, took a nap and then took a trip to the yarn store to use my gift certificate.
Problem was, I got overwhelmed.

I thought I was going in to buy some Fleece Artist SeaWool or something like that, but then was shown around all the lace possibilities and my head was spinning.
I left empty handed save for a list of possible purchases.

Now I just have to narrow it down from:
Misti Alpaca Handpainted Lace
Malabrigo Lace
Handmaiden SeaSilk
Handmaiden Silk
Schaefer Andrea
Lacey Lamb

I'm leaning towards the Misti Alpaca because it is so soft.
My first intention was to buy something of a bulkier weight to get a quick and easy shawl--but I'm thinking of going for softness.
I've been digging around Ravelry a lot to see finished shawls--and am still undecided.

I hope to go back tomorrow to make my purchase and cast on.

Friday night we went to friends' house (they own a Park) to stay for the weekend to celebrate their oldest sons' 4th birthday!.
There was a group of us and we had fun sleeping in cottages (really nice trailers), having campfires,
playing in the park,

boat rides

and a really awesome Pirate party complete with Pinata.

We went to Church and came home and basically we all crashed.
(this is a picture of the kids and I after they woke me up Mother's Day morning)

I decided to use up my once/year Mother's Day do-whatever-I-want (in combination with my Birthday, ha ha) to nap and be lazy yet again.
I had some snackish food for dinner and watched some brain candy TV (this is my new obsession).

Today it's back to the grind--I've been cleaning, doing laundry and taking care of toys, things from the weekend etc etc.

I hope to cast on for my first real lace shawl soon....