Monday, May 26, 2008

Random things


These are corn muffins that have wild violet greens in them.
Last year I found out that all the pretty purple flowers all over the yard were wild violets, that are actually considered a weed but they are many recipes for making use of them!
The first one I heard of was violet syrup which can be used in tea--but I found some for salad dressing (this isn't the one I used--can't find it, but very similar. It was good, tastes a bit like sage leaves--and even hubby liked it), jam/jelly, tea and other things.


Thursday morning after hubby took Princess B to school a neighbour came over to tell us that she had watched a momma cat from across the street (IE: burned out former drug house) carry her kittens to our side porch, one by one.
She called the humane society who said they would come in a week (??).
I had a friend drop by who fosters for the society and she was worried about the babies walking across our road (if mommy left to get food) as it does get busy.
We gathered them up and then spent an hour trying to coax mommy cat into her car, but no luck.
I had the babies in my shed with the door open all afternoon to coax mommy cat in there--but again, no luck.
So, at the end of the day hubby found momma cat back across the street and gave her kittens back and made sure she took them (part of the problem was that momma cat is very young herself and doesn't seem to have much of a mothering instinct--and the owner of momma cat has about 10 cats that he feeds, however doesn't accept responsibility for them)
They are so cute and Princess B wanted to keep them all.

Some fibrey pictures:

My sister came for the weekend to her new trailer and brought me my birthday present.
She loves entrelac (she just finished a shawl out of fingering weight that she figures took her about 90 HOURS to complete (900 squares)....
It's a entrelac felted purse kit--complete with it's own bag, handles and even comes with a frame for stretching it into shape.
I love the name:

I LOVE the colours.

I want to cast on right now, but have those socks to finish, a shawl or 2 to knit and a summer tank before summer is over!

What's on your needles???