Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post Birthday Pictures

My Dad and step-Mom gave me a g/certificate for the yarn shop and a really awesome orange jacket (dress jacket).
My MIL sent a card with some money, which I decided needed to go towards yarn as well (ha ha).

So, I just got back from the shop, after doing my research and dreaming for a few days:

Fleece Artist Sea/Wool which I think is going to be a Forest Canopy Shawl

and Misti Alpaca:

The colours are amazing.

And it's so soft....

I showed it to hubby before he left after lunch and he said
"You like lace shawls?? You're going to WEAR a lace shawl??"

This is the test for me.
I 'm going to knit up the chunky one first--which I know will be fast and not very hard (I already have the pattern for the forest canopy)--which will wet my feet (I totally just wrote "wet my teeth" ??)

and the lacey lacey one I think will be an Icarus Shawl.
I know--it's like the Cadilac of lace knitting.
But I have knit a fair but of lace socks, I understand shawl construction--I think it will be fun.

I've been drooling over Elemms shawls and if he can do one in 11 days, then it might only take me a few weeks (ha ha).