Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Knitting alert

Yes, there has been knitting.
But apparently there has not been blogging.
There has been hubby at meetings, 1 child at school, 1 child not napping, walking about 6 kms with 2 children in tow to and from school/School Fun Fair/First Soccer meeting, swimming lessons, parties, driving to and from Toronto and a sheep shearing day.

I am close to finishing the body of my Forest Canopy Shawl with the Fleece Artist Sea Wool that I purchased for my birthday.
(this is just a picture to pretty up the blog--the shawl is much larger now than in this picture)

I am wondering how big it will be finished, and how on earth the edging works out--but since I am a newbie, I will just trust the pattern and keep on plugging.

Has anyone made this one bigger??
How would I do that--does it affect the edging??

The orange Picovoli has not been touched in a couple of weeks--I was knitting late one night and fell asleep during some decreased--which is never a good thing--and it has sat ever since.

I have cast on a pair of socks to make for my friend Kelly who is always at the short end of my
birthday presents. (remember this??)
So, I have some BLACK cotton yarn to make socks for her (wool allergy) and will be doing this motif, kind of like these stockings, but not thigh high (whew!)
I am working it toe up, and figuring the gauge swatch, the stitches needed and the pattern produced 3 false starts, but I think I am on my way now.
Friend Kelly is in Korea for her brother's wedding for 2.5 weeks (she just facebooked me today and she is climbing mountains!!) and I hope to have them done for when she comes back. Wish me luck.
(Update: The sock has been frogged since little man pulled the needles out and I couldn't find my way back to the YO's from previous rows....grrrr)

Those three things are the only things on my needles right now--but that's enough.

And now, some sheep.
Every year a local famer/shepherd has a sheep shearing day and it's a fundraiser for the local 4-H kids. There is food and fleece and fun.
This year I had hoped to buy a BFL fleece (he just added BFL to his herd since last year), but he has had a stressful spring and had to sell off a good chunk of his flock--and the BFL's are no more.
So, we watched some shearing, had some food and came home--it was very very cold and windy and the kids can only watch so many sheep run around (whose kids are they?? I could stand all day and watch the sheep)
So apparently this dear sheep has an amazing fleece that spinners fight over. I didn't buy her fleece but took her picture.

I received my box of laceweight and some Merino/Alpaca roving and Merino/Tencel roving in the mail from Sheila (seriously, best customer service, fastest shipping and all around most wonderful human being).

I did some dyeing last week and sold a couple of things, but other than that the store has been very slow lately.

I'm hoping that the lace will perk me up as well as my store.

I am going to be dyeing for a sock club coming up, but the date has been pushed back a bit and I'm waiting to see when my time will come--I have some ideas, but it all depends on what month I get to dye for.

and now for a cute kid picture or two.

Princess B had her face painted like a lady-bug at the school Fun Fair:

Little man just like his slushy.

and that is all for now.

What's new with you??