Saturday, May 31, 2008

First off, I am a bad blogger.
Now I feel better and can write this post.
Yesterday we had a wonderful visit with my cousin, his wife and their two boys 4 and 2. It was such a blessing to have that time with them. I had not seen them in 5 years- since the day of their wedding and had never met those gorgeous boys. The boys played with Giraffe for 5 hours without a fuss, acting like they had know each other for years, while the grown ups got caught up on family news and the like. I hated to see them drive away that night. I walked back in the house to put Giraffe to bed and what do I see on the kitchen counter, untouched for the entire visit- my camera! How can you have a family visit and not take a single picture? I am a bad blogger.
They are planning another visit in November and I am committing to taking a picture every 5 minutes.
My family is such a blessing and this visit was especially meaningful as there has been distance (miles and emotional) over the past few years between the families and now we are getting back on track. God is so good to them that love Him.

In other news, hubbo is back on nights after 3 years of days. He is adjusting well already, I on the other hand am unable to settle down to sleep without him there. I know this too will pass. Giraffe is trying to get used to being quiet in the mornings to let Daddy sleep- he is now at least old enough to try and be quiet.
My job is just crazy right now and we are feeling the pressure of deadlines and major undertakings as we are counting down the days til summer break (yeah summer). But I am loving it more and more, enjoying the supportive staff, the amazing (and challenging) kids we are working with and the job itself.
I am planning to take myself out for a treat today, maybe to a yarn sale or fibre fest if I can get the details. I need a little break from Giraffe who is overtired and unpleasant right now.