Thursday, August 17, 2006

i am so addicted to this blog....

i just found this blog: so much yarn, so little time!
thanks to grumperina

thanks grumperina...thanks a lot
i've just spent about 2.5 hours reading this blog...
everything she makes is gorgeous.
her pictures are incredible and her knitting---wow.
apparently others think so too, because since grumperina mentioned her today, she's had a lot of visitors.
i like grumperina...
i love jaywalkers.
i still have to knit some for myself.
i have made 2 pairs and they are featured in the gallery. they are now so far down that it's hard to find them, but i will help you out.
the first pair is here.
the second is here.

the second pair i did toe up, but i didn't really like the pattern. i thought the heel was ridiculously hard (maybe it was just me) and the fit was weird.
i'm not sure that my sockpal liked them..she said they would fit after a washing, but i'm not so sure..
anyways. i have to go to sleep now...