Monday, August 21, 2006

Somebody stop me...

I bought more stuff.
sigh...I can't help it.
busy hands yarn is having a going out of business 40% off sale...
she even offered to refund shipping, since I only live 20 minutes away!!

I got some mission falls in peony (for baby hats)

the charlotte's web lace pattern (my first lace project!)
interweave knits Winter 2005 (my first interweave knits)
and a felted ballerina slipper pattern...

I have found some stuff around the house that I can sell on e-bay to compensate for the $$ spent on yarn recently..

the second "I dreamed of Africa sock" is almost finished. I've finished the heel and am a couple of inches from the toe.
I should pull a cara and take some pictures of my feet.
maybe later..right now I'm just too tired.

okay--one foot.
I've been staying up late knitting these socks when the house is quiet.
hubby is working on a video and so he's upstairs from 6pm-whenever working on it.
I'm addicted to the quiet....but it's messing my sleep...Which makes me cranky...
not good.
the sun just started shining, so maybe I should go out and take pictures....
later added:
okay so things are getting sunnier around here. I picked some veggies from the garden:

and did this: this is tomato, eggplant, zucchini, onion and peppers from the garden. sauted with some allspice (allspice, yeah, that's what the recipe said--who knew??).

I ate it by itself with a little parmesan cheese. It was good--and nice to know it came from my backyard. I love the tomatoes. they are princess b's pink cherry tomatoes--and they really are pink.

good and good for me--better than another cup of coffee.


Amy said...

Mmmmm tomatoes... mmmm coffee. Going away drooling to make myself a cafe mocha.