Sunday, August 13, 2006

i scored

i just scored some sweet sock yarn on ebay.
i have been googling, and searching for some opal rainforest collection yarn--with no luck.
i emailed a couple of online retailers, who let me know that they were sold out and that the rainforest collection was a limited edition.

everywhere i looked, it was priced at $15-18Cdn per ball.
I just got:

from Germany, with shipping less than $30Cdn!!
that's a deal for me, people.
living in a small town with no access to fleece artist, socks that rock, lorna's laces or anything else except through the internet, good prices are a blessing.
these are the zebra print and the flamingo.
these will totally remind me of kenya--we saw zebra at the massai mara game reserve where we were told there would be about 600,000 zebras roaming around at the time we were there.
we also saw thousands upon thousand of flamingos at lake nakuru...
sock yarn and kenya memories...happy!!!!


Amy said...

wow! I love yarn that's like a souvenir. Those colours - gorgeous. Happy sock knitting! BTW, you can order STR from Lettuce Knit in TO. They sell out quickly tho.