Wednesday, August 09, 2006

i'm baaaaack

yes, it's me.
i'm back from kenya.
we got in at 4am on monday after being up for 21 hours for two days straight and only having about 9 hours sleep in 3 days. i was pretty tired, but glad to be home.
i have taken the past couple of days to sleep and let the kids get used to me being home.
little man was not so sure about me and it took him a while to want me to hold him.
he's changed so much and he's so funny.

i actually sat down last night with my new i-pod--knit and listened to my first pod cast!!
i downloaded the knit cast toronto edition (ep 24) with Amy Singer and Denny.
they were a hoot!!

i actually did more knitting last night than i did the whole time we were in kenya.
sad, i know--but we were so busy.

i did knit though--and i was part of a little group that taught knitting.
the kenyan girls are amazing.
they had learned to knit the week before, and were already knitting ponchos!!!! and they were fast!

i will post some pictures later...right now i need coffee...nice fresh kenyan coffee...


Amy said...

Glad you're back! Look forward to hearing more about the trip and seeing the photos. And if you go into the quilt shop in Belleville to see if they have any yarn left, it's actually called Fun with Stitches, my mistake on the blog.
Are you still planning on making the hourglass sweater?
Take a good long coffee break, you must be exhausted!