Thursday, August 10, 2006

behold--knitting content

just a hint of some of our kenya pictures.
we have about 300 or 400 pictures in total. these are just the ones i think are the most fun.

now for the knitting content.

long story short: last year there was a lady from our group who went to the children's home thinking "what can i possibly do?". her daughter encouraged her to take her love of knitting and teach the girls.
she asked for donations from her church and soon filled her dining room with yarn, needles etc.
she took some over last spring and taught some of the girls to knit.
she then made ponchos and poncho kits to sell, raise money for the home.
this year, she learned that all 250 pairs of needles had been used, some given to girls graduating from the program.
(note: the site she taught at is a home for former street girls. the site provides a place to live, school and gives them the tools to have their own small business if they choose. it's really amazing!)

this year, she brought her own stash of needles and some of the yarn from last year.
the girls had been taught to knit a week before we came and were already knitting ponchos!!
it was unreal--they were super fast and their work was amazing.

each girl was given one large and one small needle and made 1/2 a poncho with a dropped stitch design.
some of the girls learned to use a knitting machine and made a child's sweater in a day or so.

they were also teaching them how to knit rag rugs. i spent my day cutting scrap material into strips and tying them together into a giant yarn ball. calamari knitting a la mason-dixon???

it was great.

the sock appeared and i did some work there..but mostly i was just watching the girls knit--they are so fast. one of the girls even was a true left handed knitting and was knitting completely mirror to everyone else.

so that's my kenya knitting content. if i had thought of it, i could have pulled a harlot and showed the sock with mountains, in London on a double decker or in front of buckingham palace, but i didn't.
the sock is with me in the picture of the material ball--does this count for my vacation sock in the summer of socks contest??