Monday, August 04, 2008


and internet
and coffee

So, I am climbing laundry mountain--which isn't too bad--just shake out clothes (shake out the cockroaches), wash, fold, put in drawers--kinda like regular laundry except it's all the same stuff I just washed and folded a week ago.
I have had small trips to the store--the cashier recognizes me and thinks I'm weird...--but no real food in the house since hubby has to go out to events during the only time we are home and store are open.

I fell asleep knitting last night while watching part of Munich, which then turned into Jacob the Liar (really confusing to my sleepy brain as to why Robin Williams had anythign to do with the 1972 Olympic kidnapping).

I figured I should get my Picovoli finished while it is still summer. (So happy that has the pattern now that Magknits is gone. Not happy that I lost my pattern with all my measurements and markings on it...)

and speaking of Knitting Magazines.. have you seen it?
I 've been waiting, counting down the little circles for about 45 days or more and then it opened while I was gone and w/out internet.

So, shawl is still needing to be blocked...need to have a flat surface that kids don't touch...hmmmm

we'll see what I can find