Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hamster Brain

Ever feel like a hamster? Running on a wheel and never getting too far? You wash the same dish, the same shirt, pick up the same toys, here the same stories, attend the same meetings, etc, and the scenery doesn't change? Well that is not me. I am a running hamster all right, but I am running in traffic! So much is buzzing by me right now and I am trying not to get run over.
Hubbo and I have a lot we are trying to balance: family health issues (not us, but extended family), hubbo working over-time, Grandpa moving up from Florida, sister moving in, loving and supporting our friends who are struggling with serious family and marital issues, and church work which has increased exponential since this time last year.
Please hear me when I say I am not complaining. Hubbo and I look around at the struggles of others and we feel so blessed in our own little home. We are healthy, our son is a joy (though a trying joy at times), we like our work, love our church and we are growing in our relationship like never before. We can't even say we are busy compared to many around us. We simply feel like God is asking a great deal of us right now and we want to serve Him as best we can. To that end our only prayer for ourselves is strength, endurance and energy. We KNOW that He equips those He calls. We are looking forward to taking some us time probably into October when things are back into routine to regroup as a couple.
OK, now onto knitting which is why you read this in the first place. I am knitting steadily on a scarf for Grandpa (hasn't lived in New York in 20 years, expect he might find our winters a bit nippy) out of Sean Sheep and using this stitch pattern. It give a 2x2 rib look without having to purl (yeah). I am interested to see how a hat would look using the same stich- would it pull in too much?
I am knitting a basic pair of cuff-down socks in this. If you buy the yarn I do rec getting the pattern as you will undoubtedly cast on too many stitches otherwise. While on the needles they look like little elf socks, but fit nicely and are super cute.
I still have my first handspun project on the spindle/needles. I am happy to report my sister has loaned me her Babe spindle and I am anxious to see how it handles.
So I knit, I swim with Giraffe, I read Stephanie Plum novels, and watch many, many softball games. I will leave you with this: