Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A day for gettin things done.

Yesterday we went out to the camp to find my Dad and Step-Mom but they were golfing so we played at the "rainbow park" for a while. Kids were happy.

While Aidan slept, I harvested my first batch of compost from the worm bin!
Here is all the wonderful compost:

And for those of you who are totally grossed out--I use gloves whenever I touch the worm bin or worms and the gloves stay outside. When done properly, a worm bin does not smell--at all.
No, really. It smells no more offensive than fresh dirt.

I weeded the entire garden while waiting to put the worms back in the bin and found these:

Little potatoes from my garden!
I think all the rain had washed the soil away--so I put some fresh dirt on top with the compost and will let them get bigger.

Then I made a nice roast pork with cooked veggies including all of these carrots that came from the garden:

Then when the kiddos were sleeping and hubby was working I soaked the Forest Canopy Shawl for blocking. I didn't' actually get it blocked because Princess B had a nightmare and I ended up cuddling her a while.

I also finished the Picovoli, finally: (only a year in the making)

(craptastic picture with self timer as no one was around to help me with my photoshoot)

I like this tank.
I was very scared that the LionBrand CottonEase would be too thick to drape well and that my mods didn't work out.
For some reason, even though I measured myself and recognized that the tank is supposed to have negative ease, I made a size that was going to be too big.
So, I put more shaping in the bust/waist--which worked out well.
In the end I wished I could have added more length to the bottom but I didn't even have enough yarn for one more row....whew.

I like it I like it I like it.
Also, I think it will soften up with washing.

I like it.
(Did I mention that?)

Speaking of taking pictures--have I mentioned that Aidan is camera happy? Ever since he was a baby if you left the camera anywhere he would find it.
It was in my purse the other day after Princess B's soccer tournament and I just put the card in the computer and found about 35 pictures that look like this:

Actually a lot of them look like ceiling or his finger which he likes to stick over the lens. But what I noticed was somehow he was able to figure out how to turn the flash on and off--so you get variations on a theme.

This one is my favourite:

I love cute feet pictures.
That was a busy day...but it felt good to get some stuff done.

We are now getting our side porch rebuilt and the contractors wife came over to talk flowers with me. They are friends of ours and she is going to help me pick some flowers and do some landscaping in the front yard next Spring.

So, now I think I will go and block that shawl and hopefully have some more pictures to share tomorrow.