Friday, August 22, 2008

Alas, no knitting to show

Hubby has still yet to take my picture with the shawl.
Something about him always working and not home during daylight...

We did go to Canada's Wonderland on Tuesday with the kids and it was so much fun.

Princess B went on her first roller coaster, the kids had fun at the water park.

Little man crashed out in the stroller, we saw a Dora show and had a blast!

I am knitting a sock that I can't show you because I am swatching my hand-dyed for Robyn's Nest

I am dyeing up yarn for her store and AS WELL I am the one dyeing for the October sock club.
Go on over and buy a spot.

We have been e-mailing back and forth and had a colourway which is beautiful (can't show you, swatch-sock) but not great for showing off patterns.
So...back to the dyepots for a new colourway....I'm excited to try to have something we both love.

We leave for my sisters tonight for her Birthday weekend and my step-Sisters Birthday as well.
A weekend of knitting and tea drinking and swimming and spending time with all the family.

and I got my hands on Book 14 of the Stephanie Plum series...which means that I've read 16 books (the whole series minus 1 I am still waiting for at the Library) since the middle of June!

Have a great weekend