Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A week in review

aka what we actually did while we were gone.

We spent from Saturday-Tuesday with hubby's Father at his house/chalet in Quebec.
We swam and ran around outside, ate great food and Princess B and I actually snuck in some time in the hot tub.

The other grown ups played tennis and golf while I chased Aidan around the many outside balconies. :)

My FIL is become a great gardener with his limited space--our evening meals contained some veggies and herbs that grew here:

The last morning, we had the best poutine EVER for lunch and Grandad took the kids for a spin around the gold course (Aidan is crying because I dared to try to sit beside him to hold him IN the cart)

Then we headed off to my MIL"s cottage, which is on an island near Athens Ontario.
The Island has been in the family for about 70-80 years and my MIL has been going to that cottage since she was a child!

The cottage is a great place--and will be even better next year when my darling son will understand that out ever door is either a cliff or water--which is not for jumping in/on/over to test your flying skills.
So--no sitting in the hammock for me this year, but I did get 2 books read and spent lots of time with my SIL (and hubby) up from Arizona and my BIL (Home for good from Europe) and
We are going to have another member to our family....
she's an artist (check out her site) having just graduated from OCAD and is setting up her studio in Toronto for the Fall.

So Wed-Sat was spent chasing a small boy, swimming, boat rides, canoe rides, ice cream, visiting with all the relatives that we only see in the summer.

Then home again.....

What a great week!