Wednesday, February 27, 2008

updates galore

This makes me happy:

These are bubbles from my handmade soap. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks and I love it!!
The most exciting part was watching the soap bubble up--like real soap!

I bought a stick blender for cheap at the Walmart on Saturday and want to make more soap very soon.


I'm finally plying the Pumpkin Cappucino roving from CJKopec--it's dreamy.

It's my second ever attempt at a 3 ply and I like the way it's coming out.

I decided to try the mini sock blocker key-chain as a plying helper and I think it worked well.

Test knitting project is done--haven't heard back from the designer--so not sure when I can post photos.

Ribbi Cardi: sleeves are done and I'm about 2 inches into the back--I just cast on for that Monday afternoon and have only worked on it at craft night last night.

My friend Janna who learned to purl last week cast on for a hat last night!
I thought that an actual project would be fun--so with some Sean Sheep wool that I found at Walmart I taught her about circular knitting and ribbing and then she will get to learn decreases as well.
Too fun.

I finally got to the Dr and got some meds for my icky sickness from last week and am already feeling better. Yesterday I felt really weird and slept all morning--so hubby was home with the little man.
I am very tired of being sick--and not sure why it happens.
I eat well (fruits, veggies, meats, whole grains, yogurt) and try not to eat much junk at all.
I don't' drink much coffee, don't' drink pop often and drink lots of water, milk and juice.
I think it's sleep related but unless the kids spontaneously decide to both start sleeping through the night......then sleep will have to remain scattered.

Until then, there is Ravelry to keep me entertained at 5am when little man gets up :)

Today is a happy day--even Princess B's eggs were happy this morning:

(okay, it looked cuter before she "spread" the smile and the side got mushy--now he looks like he's got a creepy face)