Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day

I spent the morning at Princess B's school helping 17 Kindergarteners (word??) make cookies!
It was fun but I forgot the camera in the car, so no pictures.

Hubby gave me a card and chocolate and little Valentine's for the kids.
We are actually going out tomorrow night for the first time since the fall...

I haven't really been blogging much it seems.
I had the cold come back again which knocked me out the end of last week. I haven't been able to taste food for a week and have been generally stuffy, runny and sneezy (that sounds like the 7 dwarfs doesn't it?)

We met for our now weekly craft night on Tuesday and I taught another friend to knit!

Janna finished her test knitting and we found a creative use for it--seen here:

Sophie was a trouper and sat and knit on her dishcloth late into the night/early morning when we finally went home in a snow storm!

I have frogged and re-started the thrummed mittens after realizing my thrums were
too big and were going to look weird....I have the Yarn Harlot to thank herself, since she responded to my post on Ravelry.

The test knit project is coming along well--it's almost finished and then I can hopefully show you pictures soon.

These past few weeks have been a blur of illness, Little man misbehaving, feeling cooped up and the general blahs that come with February when everyone is tired of the snow and the grey and we are all ready for some warmer weather!
My sister and nephew are coming on the wekeend and staying for a few days--so there will be some more knitting, tea drinking and fun fun fun.

Happy Love Day to you all.
I leave you with this video.

I don't actually like Barry White--but I have a fond memory of being a Nanny one summer and the 6 y/old I watched used to love to sing along to Barry White's music--so his voice always makes me laugh.