Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Look what I've been doing

Actual knitting.
Okay, so I can't really show you the knitting.
It's a test knit for a blogger who has opened a pattern shop.
I can show you the colour though:

Pretty huh??

and I actually almost finished 1 whole piece while watching Pirates of the Carribbean last night...so I'm happy.

Thank you for those who wished me better--I feel 100%.
The kids--not so much.
Little man's cold that he has had for 3 weeks has turned into fever every other day and he broke out into a weird rash on the weekend which lead us back to the hospital.
Apparently it's nothing serious but he may have strep as well.
Princess B broke out in the rash yesterday and went to school anyways....
I'm tired of all the germy, sicky, yuckiness that visits us so frequently.

Happy thoughts:
tomorrow is Spinning Guild Day
AND craft night
AND hubby emptied the dishwasher and did the dishes last night :)
AND I get to hang out with my old work buddy on Friday and have movies, eat bad for us food
and catch up on life....

Life is good!