Sunday, February 24, 2008

Knock Knock

Is this thing on??

It's been a while since I posted.
I think I'm in the full out February blahs and am just feeling it everywhere.

Plus the month long colds and strep X 2 and other illnesses has put a damper on my sleep and my mood..

That being said, some happy stuff:
Craft night is chugging along with a nice turn out every Tuesday.
My friend that I taught to knit has finished one little piece, has learned to purl and is rocking out on her knitting mojo!

My sister and nephew visited all this week and we have had a great time knitting, tea drinking and having fun.
I taught her to spin Friday night and she did really well.
She ended up making 2 skeins of yarn--one a Romney blend and the other a Superwash Merino that I dyed.
(Pictures to follow in another catch up post)

I resurrected the Ribbi Cardi and have knit on it a couple of nights.
I told my sister that I was not allowed to start another pair of socks or project until I did something of worth on that sweater.
The sleeves are very very close to being finished.

We've had some good food this week which is not helping me with my attempt to focus on my food and my exercise levels for an weight accountability group that's a part of Craft night.
I don't really need to lose weight, but do need to take a look at what food I am eating and what exercise I am getting.
We did a few marathon walks with the kids into town and all around this week-so that's good.

I've had some minor health problems which is impacting my ability to exercise right now--but that should be clear up soon.

I have some fun pictures to share once I get them off the camera...that's for another post.

Just wanted to check in and dust this blog off and say hello to all those knit and blog friends out there.