Friday, February 08, 2008

Snow snow and more snow

That's what we've had in the past 2 days.

Wednesday we woke up to about a foot of snow. I dug the car out and went to my Spinning Guild Meeting--not many were there but I asked some questions and we had some good discussion about long-draw and spinning soy/wool (which we all got a sample of) and fibre prep etc.
I had been playing around with trying to spin laceweight, using some leftover merino that I dyed.

I spun it on the Lendrum (which sadly, I had to give back to the guild..sniff sniff) and I had fun.
I tried to ply it Wednesday but something funny happened.
I read a post on Ravelry about re-winding a center pull ball so that the ends are together (make sense?) for plying--but I think it ended up that as I was plying--one single was untwisting while the other was getting more twist--it looked funny.
Since it was just an experiment--I'm okay with that.

I finally finished spinning the Pumpkin Cappucino Roving I got from CJKopec seen here:
(it was on my own wheel which I had not been spinning with since last month)

I will ply it up soon and will use it for 3 ply sock yarn.

I bought this:

from Lise who owns the Yarn Source.....she had a ton of them and she knows that I like socks :)

One of the ladies in the guild thought it was a plying template--which I thought was awesome and almost tried...but I left early to pick up these babies:

After giving yarn money to the family account last month, hubby and I agreed that I could buy something for me...something that would be helping me in my fibrey adventures.

I'm so excited.
I have bunch of different coloured, different breed(s), different fibre wool/Heinz 57 mix that I got from Miss Violet a while back and will used to practice.

Thursday was deja-vu of Wednesday--woke up to another foot plus of snow and had to dig out again. Princess B was up coughing all night and didn't get much sleep so I was going to keep her home from school (buses were cancelled which would mean she'd only have a few kids in her class anyways)...she slept late but was so desperate to go to school that I took her.

Our sweet little neighbour helped blow out the bottom of the driveway (otherwise it would have taken me about 2 hours of shoveling)--took her over to school to find out there were only 25 kids in the whole Primary division (JK-Gr 3) so they all joined together for fun in the gym, stories, songs, colouring etc etc.
Princess B got to do her show and tell and made a pretty picture:

In knitting news--I started some thrummed mittens.
I was inspired since I have been shovelling and digging and being in the snow all week wtih only my fingerless mitts--it wasn't quite enough.
So I cast on last night and spent about an hour figuring out thrumming and knitting with thrums--good thing I have a stash of roving in my house!!
I'm using gifted Malabrigo in "Carrot" orange and some BFL that was broken into smaller bits when I got it, so it's not good enough for the store.

It looks like a muppet exploded--but it will be super warm!!