Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas..pass the Gravol

Yes, in fine tradition we have given ourselves the gift of a stomach virus once again.

Last years photo evidence:

This year, as we went for a new record of 6, yes that's SIX people all sick at the same time.

We had all hubby's family here this weekend and it was great...until Christmas Eve.
Right around 5pm I started feeling weird and FIL didn't go to Christmas Eve service.

We ate some hot dip (Chicken Wing Dip) some Cranberry Brie and munchies and settled ourselves for a movie.

I fell asleep and woke up sick. Then we all had a kitchen pow-wow at 4:30am to discuss gravol and ginger ale.

So, Christmas morning was a little slow (except for the kids, they were fine).

For a short moment I thought I had given us all food poisoning, but realized the FIL hadn't eaten any food.

Hubby was sick last Wed, the Monkey (aka Little Man) on Thursday and Princess B on Friday-so I guess it was inevitable, but still.

Luckily we had our Christmas dinner on Saturday because the only thing we ate on Christmas was soda crackers...

After they left yesterday I slept all afternoon and then just lay on the couch all night.

I woke up to this:

And for Christmas Knitting content I give you this:
(the colours don't show, but it's dark purple, med purple and light purple)
It's a modified Booga Bag that I made for my SIL. No finished picture as the batteries for the camera were scammed for kids toys.
I used wool from my sister's felted purse and the 3 pairs of felted slippers I've made in years past. I was going to use the random stripes generator, but actually just knit with the scrap balls until they ran out and then picked another colour.

I think it's cute, and she liked it.

Hubby did make me a spinning wheel but I won't post a picture b/c it's not finished.

Very exciting.

That was it for this Christmas knitting. My hand actually cramped out so badly that I didn't get the straps for the purse done until Christmas morning.

I hope I get the rest done for New Years.

How about you? Any fibre-y goodness this year?



OOooooOOO He made you a spinning wheel?! I'm super jealous. All I got by way of knitting for Christmas was a copy of Knitting Vintage Socks (which is absolutely a great book) and a gift certificate to my LYS for $100. Which will go directly to paying for some spinning lessons. lol