Saturday, December 02, 2006

I must confess

I did not finish the Hourglass for November.
Nor, December 1st--which was my goal
I knit a lot in the past couple of days--made 1.5 sleeves and have done the yoke--but then last night I was so tired I missed a K2tog and messed up the yoke. I wanted to cry.
I actually frowned at it and thought of ways to just fix it by ripping down, but it wouldn't do.
So, I frogged a couple of inches.

Now, today, my wrists are screaming at me--and since I didn't make the deadline anyways, I am not going to knit through the pain. Last time I did that I paid the price (wrist braces for a week)

I am going out to a Christmas party tonight, so no knitting today---but I did something fiber-y.

I bought this:

It's a 1/2 pound of Romni from Rosehaven Farms.
I asked about BFL or Corriedale but Linda said Romni is a good fiber for learning.
I was almost going to buy some Mohair, but it was too silky, and yet still scratchy.
So, my plan is to beg for a better spindle for Christmas (I asked hubby today if he had my present--cuz I was just going to TELL him what to get) but he says he has it under control.
Ideally I'd love to get a decent spindle (not a $50 one, but something better than what I have) and a lesson. I'd love to go to the local spinners guild meeting a few times, if time/hubby allow.
(he would need to be home w/ the kids)

I think I will dye this roving and then spin it.

Maybe using a warping board just isn't for me...I just found it really time consuming and I haven't even put the yarn back on the swift to wind it yet.
Hm.....maybe I'm just annoyed that I bought the fingering weight Peruvian from Knit picks which feels like dental floss. Not stringy but really thin and I feel like if I sneeze on it, it will break.
Maybe I will try again with the Henry's Attic Kona SUperwash I got...
we'll see.

I need more help re: mixing the dye.
The Yarns to Dye For book I have says to mix 1/2 tsp with 80z water and that is your stock.
That seems like a lot of dye per batch (ie: I'd likely use that whole 8oz per skein...I think)
I don't know.
I am interested in this book:

So, hubby if you are reading this, I have conveniently put 2 wishlists in the sidebar (at the top, you can't miss them) go...

Later added: OOOH OOOH OOOH
I'm back trying to post this post again (blogger is being dumb again and not posting pictures, this is day 2 trying)
So, i'm googling around and found this:

The Yarn Harlot had a series where a guest blogger did a serious on dyeing roving.
yep, i'm ready to get started right now.....
need to have patience....need to actually learn what I am doing first.
need to get a spindle.
but i'm glad i found that site

and in other news.....
I these shoes:

OOOH WOW they are on crazy sale with free shipping....


allegra918 said...

I'm sorry you didn't make your deadline and that you are having pain.The roving and shoes seem to be making you feel better though :) Have you ever tried Arnica? It's a homeopathic remedy for aches, bruises, etc. You can get the gel and just rub it on your wrists or wherever.....Believe me, I know from personal experience and have my tube of it ready for Christmas knitting!!

Anonymous said...

I used some KP palette to dye, it turned out beautifully! So, it's not flimsy, it was actually great to work with. But has to be washed by hand. yuck. Poke around my blog FOs, I used the yarn for my Hedera's.