Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Swatch watch and the Olympic Spirit.

Children of the 80's do you remember Swatch Watches?? I had one...I think I still have it somewhere. Sad, but I figure if you're going to spend that much $$ on a watch it better last...
More about knitting.

Okay, so I've picked my yarn for sockapalooza and I've chosen yarn for the Olympics.
Problem--I don't like the pattern on the label. I thought I was to get a free pattern of my choosing, but apparently you just pick a pattern you like off the label. I had about 5 minutes in the store, the yarn was covered by a big ladder and I had to do some type of crazy Cirque du Soleil move to even get this ball of yarn!

So, I will make the sweater for me. I will make a swatch. I will like it (??) and I will wear it.
I've made 2 sweaters for myself in the past and neither of them actually fit. I think I just wanted to make the sweater and wasn't really thinking measurements, gauge etc.
I have made my swatch

I shall be casting on no earlier than Friday at 2pm.....
I've never really been excited by the Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics.
I get more into the Summer Olympics now b/c my sister-in-law is an Olympic athlete.
Yes...you should visit her site. Yes you should buy her book. Right now she is #1 IN THE WORLD!!!
Yes you should watch her in the 2008 Olympics.

Yes, I should stop ranting and get back to actually finishing a project...


Cutie said...

Hi AM!

Welcome to the blogging addiction! I love the yarn you chose for your sweater! Looks great. I am competing in the K. Olympics with you, making Bella Paquita by Marnie Maclean.

Happy Knitting!