Thursday, February 23, 2006

have i actually shown you what i am making???

i actually posted this on the team canada blog:
i had ordered the pattern from e-bay, from england and figured it would NEVER get her. it only took a week from purchase date to get the pattern...hello??? from england??
so this is it:
think purple...lovely boucle (silly to knit with but fuzzy to wear)....
i have now completed the front tow panels, half of the sleeves (see previous post about my silly needle change) and 1/4 of the back.
wait...why am i blogging, when i could be knitting.
i LOVE what knit and tonic wendy had to say yesterday, about learning to knit while sleeping...i could do that.


lcord said...

Oh I like it, sounds like your almost done!

I totally figured out who you are too! Did you hear that Mr. Walker passed away last week? So sad.

Ann-Marie said...
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