Friday, February 10, 2006

Oh Canada

it's here..the knitting olympics (see link on the sidebar).
i have changed my mind again about a project.
the other day i decided that i didn't want to make the purple sweater and not love it.
so i decided on something new for me.
i was going to drive to chapters to get "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" and then to a yarn store to get yarn, but dragging two small children around for 1/2 a day didn't really appeal to me.
i decided to challenge myself and to this:
Tricot by Alison Hansel featured in the Warm 04 Issue of Magknits

My challenge consists of:
Frogging two sweaters
Learning short rows in a sweater (I just recently learned short row shaping for sock knitting)
Putting in a zipper??
Making a sweater in 16 days.

Can you feel the burn..actually I can. I can feel my wrists and arms throbbing already. I have been having some trouble with my carpal I need to be very careful. I have been waking up not being able to feel my hands or wrists---and wearing the wrist support has only helped a little bit. So I will take it slow...pace myself--as I'm sure Olympians do also.