Thursday, February 16, 2006

the start of it all

I have been thinking lately about my start in knitting. My earliest knitting memory is my Grandmother teaching me to knit a scarf. I was about 5 or 6 and I remember the yarn being a light yellow (and probably horrible acrylic).
I think I tinkered around with various scarves and Barbie things (what else would a little child make?).
I found this book the other day:

This book is from 1959 and I believe it may have been a Coats and Clark's book.
I remember my Mom giving it to me to teach myself some things. I remember trying to learn to crochet (I still haven't mastered that).
I also had a crafts book that was given to me at about age 10, which had some more knitting info in it. I used a pattern from that book to teach myself how to knit socks. I made a couple of pair of slipper socks as a young teen.
I also taught myself intarsia and knit a small sample with a picture of a horse on it. I only remember that b/c my Mom commented that she had never learned how to knit with more than one colour, successfully. She was proud and encouraged me to make it into something, rather than rip it out, as I was inclined to do. I wish I still had that little horrible-blue-and-white "pillow" to show for my efforts.
I had a book that suggested that left handed knitters needed to put the book in front of a mirror in order to make sense of the directions... what a strange idea.
Anyways...this brings me back to an idea for a UFO. It was actually my Moms' UFO. When I was about 6 and my sister about 8 she decided to make sweaters for us. She got started with my sisters but didn't know how to to the colour work--so ended up mailing it to my Grandmother in BC to finish. It was a cute sweater.
My sweater was coloured stripes--gray, pink, blue and what else I can't remember.
When Mom died in 2001 my sister and I went through the "crafts closet" and found the sweater.
I don't think it would fit me!!! I think I might rip it out (if I can find it in my "crafts closet--must be a genetic thing)--and make something for my little girl. Unless the yarn is so acrylic that she'd be a walking fire hazard while wearing it...
But now, I need to get going more on my Olympic's really slow going with this boucle and 4.5mm needles...sigh.