Monday, February 20, 2006

an actual olympic update...

blah blah blah..i'm a slacker...enough said.
okay so i did cast on during the opening ceremonies...proof:

but then i abandoned my tricot project (the two yarns were not acting as team-mates and decided to part ways)...they were both pretty colours...and looked nice all washed and hanging (pardon the fuzzy picture and horrible pink hangers)
picture 2 and 3:

so then i needed some lionbrand you think i could find it anywhere?? not at LYS', not at Michaels (note to Michaels, do you really need and entire row full of fun furry yarn??? c'mon, people, to have something resembling normal yarn would be nice) not at Walmart (again, with the fun furry is there is some chunky-scarf shortage this year that i'm not aware of?). So, alas no tricot for me.

So I went back to my old purple sirdar yo-yo and began to knit. Keep in mind I didn't actually cast on for this project until last Tuesday.
So, by Saturday night I had this:

Not too bad unless you look at the sleeves. I started on metal needles and then my hands were getting I switched to the middle of the sleeve. Yes, that's right I switched needles in the middle of the sleeves. Silly, inexperienced me figured "It's the same size, it'll be the same". Yeah..let's not talk about that any more.
Do you see the ridge?? it's kinda hard to see..but if you look at the fuzzy picture you can see a line:

So I started the fronts...figuring if I had something to show for my efforts it would motivate me...
Last night I finished both front panels....not bad...of course I looked at the side bar and have 5 days do the whole back, finish the sleeves and make the collar.
Can I do it???
We'll see....


lcord said...

Too bad about tricot, lionbrand cottonease has been discontinued (though I don't think it was ever sold in Canada), at least your making progress on yo-yo!

Ann-Marie said...

yeah.. i didnt' think i could find cottonease, but there was NO COTTON anything to be found..except crafters cotton..i can just feel my carpal tunnell now...
thank for the commetns.
by the way...i know who you are southwood class of '94, we had OAC english together, ithink