Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy Saturday

After about 4 days of rain we had a nice sunny day and managed to get some things done.

I started off by being lazy and sleeping in (!!!) and then took Princess B to buy roses.
I knew I wanted something fragrant, easy and hardy--I came home with 2 "Little Devils". I don't like the name, so Princess B renamed them "Rosie" and "Pointy"

This is a shot of the front before today's work (I really needed a picture of the real before--before my friend Carol came over to help me dig out trees, cut down bushes, dig out Lily of the Valley, take out rocks and prune.. it was a serious jungle.


and after.

I put some Red Cedar mulch
down and have a bag left which I think will go on the side flower beds.
Princess B wanted to pick out some pink flowers--and after dissuading her from a Hibiscus tree and a Clematis, we put these in "her" flower bed.

We also planted some Daisies that had been given to us by a friends' son (He is a whiz with plants and has helped me figure out what some of my flowers are)

I also ghetto rigged a Topsy
Turvy out of one of the buckets the Rose bushes came in.

I tied the strings inside the bucket so they wouldn't interfere
with the plant growing beneath!!
I had a foam circle that I put around the stalk on the inside to protect it and keep the moisture there--and included some
shredded newspaper to block the holes and some good dark soil and compost!

I also harvested some Rhubarb today (some--this is less than half of what we have out there--Shoe for scale:)

I have a request already for a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie..I have dreams of Rhubarb cake and Rhubarb punch....

Hubby mowed lawns and started the process to open the pool..It was a very busy, but fun and productive day.

Oh, and I also finished Princess B's other skirt and sewed a new one for her from some fabric she has been eyeing:

Better pictures in the daylight tomorrow.
The fabric was from some I received from
Freecycle, I used elastic that belonged to my Mother, some thread that was gifted to me..a very fun and frugal project!

I think my skirt will be next...stay tuned


yarnpiggy said...

Love the MacGyvering of the Topsy Turvy! :-)

Janna said...

I just love "beaver days" like this - accomplishing so much and ticking things off of the "to do" list.
I don't think I've seen your place since you had work done on the porch, so the front really like great!

Michelle said...

Sadie.... all that work accomplished and you even had time to take pictures AND write a blog post! Way to go, girlie. Glad you're feeling better. Workin' the radio obviously agrees with you.

Looking forward to pictures of those roses in bloom.