Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dear blog:

I love you, but I don't have a lot to say.

I have test knitting which I can't show you yet.
I have not been doing much other than sleep and/or try to catch up on laundry (if I do laundry every day, why do we still have more?)

I will feed you pictures of bread:

This morning's bread---yummy (Basic Boule with some Rosemary thrown in the batter)

I tried this egg/toast combo that was posted on the Bread Book site here:

Thoughts: Next time, my dough needs to be smaller and thinner--mine was thick and ended up like soft bread (I am not complaining!).

I had to cook it a bit longer and ended up cranking the oven up to 400 (I was preheating for bread also).
It was really good and a nice way to get an egg in for breakfast!

One day a couple of weeks ago, Princess B wanted cinnamon buns (the ones from the store with the frosting you pour over)--but I knew I could make better.

I didn't end up using a recipe from the book for this, as I didn't want to make up a new batch of dough.
I used my Step-Mom's amazing sticky bun recipe (from a sourdough starter) and added both cinnamon and chocolate chips (It comes with it's own syrupy-yummy addictive sticky sauce)

(Contrary to popular thought--that is not a sugar bun with sauteed mushrooms)

I have use the pizza dough recipe:

and the Vermont Cheddar (No pictures as we pretty much devoured it when it came out of the oven)

I've also made a baguette (hmmm no pictures of that one either..)

So, the bread is amazing, I am in love with the book.
AND AND AND They are developing a new book full of healthy recipes, gluten free breads etc.


Oh, and in case you want to try out the basic bread, I found this youtube video which gives the basic recipe.


(Oh, and the amazing Chef/Baker who Co-Authored the book commented on my blog a few posts back!!!)


Michelle said...

Sadie, it looks like you're a good cook!

I like Brenna's idea: cinnamon buns! No better spice than cinnamon!!!!!

Kevin Stenhouse said...

Your bread is a phenom. Thanks for sharing! Also... 2 bars of soap left (Christmas spice and unknown - lost label) and when they're done I'm getting me some of that bamboo stuff.