Friday, May 08, 2009

We're off again

Away for the weekend to my Sisters Graduation, My Birthday, my Nephews Birthday and Mother's Day.
I have more secret knitting (Test knitting) that I can't show but this picture warms my heart:
(pardon the messy hair--bath time came later)

She wanted to do knitting with me the other day--picked up her knitting and started.
She then got distracted and wanted to use her knitting machine to make "lots and lots" of doll clothes...She's like me--instant gratification girl.


Michelle said...

Have a wonderful safe trip, Sadie! Happy Mother's Day, and congratulations on your "Mother of the Year" Award.

Kevin Stenhouse said...

It's Wednesday and I haven't officially welcomed you back. Now, let me be very clear: that was it. Your free passes have run out and from here on out, you can't go away again. :)