Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Food, kids, Knitting, stuff....

The weekend was great--parties (plural), Grad, Mother's Day, swimming, Birthdays, Lost dog/found dog (long story short: We think my sisters RIDICULOUS neighbour called the pound when my blind half-deaf dog went outside to pee without a leash on.....seriously...four hours later after searching and trying to figure out what to do, we found out he was safe at an animal hospital and it didn't cost us much to get him back....Dear Neighbour: You stink)

On a happier note: My sister Erynne is a College Grad! (just has an internship to finish this summer!)
My nephew is getting bigger
Princess B lost her first tooth on my Birthday in the middle of the Grad party:

(the "big girl tooth" has been growing in behind for a few weeks now

She's pretty happy:

I got the movie I asked for from hubby,
I ordered myself a pattern for sewing

My sister knit me an AMAZING shawl

I received some awesome sewing scissors and an amazing bread book from my Dad and Jacquie
(Can I say amazing again?)

This is the bread:

Which takes all of 5 minutes to put together, sits only as long as it takes to heat up your oven, the batch makes enough dough for 8 loaves..did I mention it only takes about 5 minutes?
No kneading, no sitting, no proofing, no waiting---bread, in 1/2 hour.

I treated myself to a couple of things for my birthday.
Coolest mug evah:
Empty of coffee/tea it says:

Full of coffee/tea it says:

I've wanted that mug for so long, it's been sitting in my cart at Ravelry.com for months now

If you don't know about ravelry.com and you are a knitter/crocheter/dyer/spinner GET THEE OVER TO RAVELRY.COM
The wait is only a few days (back 3 years ago when I joined it took up to 6 weeks)--and it is totally worth it.
What do you use it for?
Let's say you want a free knitting bag pattern--just click click patterns/bags/free gives you a ginormous list of free patterns

Let's say you have 200 yards of bulky funky yarn and you don't know what to do with it:
clicky clicky on yarn, 200, bulky and it will show you patterns and projects that others have knit with those specifications.

Have a question about a pattern you are knitting, look up the people who are knitting it, the places that they have posted questions etc.

I love love love Rav


So, more treats:

Socks that Rock Lightweight in the Lucy colourway.
(Named after Wendyknits kitty Lucy)

A cool bag that zips into a little pouch (I bought one for my sister last year and needed one for me) (blogger, why is this upside down?)

Some Sari Silk remnants for art yarn spinning



Janna said...

Hey - I always wondered about Ravelry. I saw the name lots on blog ads, etc. but didn't really get it. I think I might just have to sign up. Thanks, Master Ann - from your Padawan.