Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Secret gifts

So far this Christmas I'm not doing a lot of Christmas knitting for gifts.

I am doing some secret knitting and some secret other stuff (to be revealed later) and have had some requests for soap.

I love soap!

I am just working on the shipping methods and then will soon be able to put some soap up in my Etsy shop.

I can show you one secret Christmas gift:

My son is obsessed with R2D2.
My sister and I both love Star Wars (always have) and so does my nephew, and my BIL.
For some reason little man has chosen R2 as his favourite. He has little ones that he carries around all the time.
The Clone Wars episodes have been on TV and we have watched them with him.
I made a hat for my nephew for Christmas and was going to make the same one, until I came across this pattern.
I thought it would be better because it's just R2 and, honestly it was a really fast knit.

I used some acrylic I had laying around (some were not the same weight and so it's a bit puffy in parts). There is a little part that attaches to the front that is his "eye" or laser thing--it's so cute.

I have plans for some other homemade gifts, some spa type stuff and some sewing.

Inspired by this outfit that Sophie sewed, I went to this seller on Etsy and bought this kit.
Princess B picked out the fabric (she actually chose red--the child who eats, sleeps and breathes PINK actually chose red fabric).
She is excited about it (I didn't tell her that it arrived, I want to sew it and give it as a surprise for Christmas)--and with the resurrection of Craft night, that is a good possibility.



Chrissy said...

Awesome hat! And what a cute skirt that's going to be!

PS. You are an evil temptress with all that roving in your etsy shop. lol!

Sophia said...

cute hat! and the skirt is going to be so cute! hope to see it on her, maybe tomorrow?