Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Was an adventure.
Hubby pulled his back out Christmas Eve morning trying to shovel the walkway.
I had some last minute running around to do (check the post office, get groceries, practise my song for Christmas Eve was busy but we made it)

Princess B put the cookies and milk out for Santa--she wanted them under the tree.

Santa came and even put the star on the tree!

The kids had fun with stockings (stockings were provided by a wonderful, generous friend who heard my frustration at loosing my bag of goodies and came to the rescue--Thanks V!!!)

The toys were almost secondary to the stuffed animals that came in the stockings. A loves Wall-E and carries his little stuffed one around everywhere he goes.

Princess B got a knitting machine (which is also for Mommy to play with).
The first thing she asked to make "a shawl". When I told her we didn't have enough yarn yet, she was happy to try the leg warmers.

I also cooked my first turkey! (Well, first that we had ever eaten--I had done one before for a dinner fundraiser). I took a hint from someone on Plurk, and squeezed the juice of an orange over top of the turkey and put the orange rinds with some onion in the cavity.
It was was good.

I also went all out with green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato/apple casserole, crescent rolls, gravy and dessert. It was so good.

We had fun hanging around all day in our pyjamas, having an early dinner and watching a movie together. A great day.

Princess B is getting a pink room and we picked out paint and visited a friend at his new job on Boxing Day--then were treated to dinner at another friends house when we dropped by unexpectedly.

I am feeling very blessed and thankful this Christmas.


(and very thankful that there was no sickness!!!)